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[ Player Name ] : Althea
[ Personal DW ] : [personal profile] hearmydream
[ Age ] : Really old. No seriously, I could be your mom. (Double over 15, then some.)
[ Timezone ] : Pacific
[ Other Characters ] : none

[ Character's Name ] : Tinker Bell
[ Character's Age ] : 6 months, but she was born as a full-grown fairy
[ Series ] : Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
[ Canon Point ] : End of the movie
[ Playability ] : n/a

[ History ] :
Tinker Bell Movie @ Wikipedia, Lost Treasure, and Disney Fairies

[ Personality ] :
Tinker Bell is a blazing bundle of energy and enthusiasm, vivacious. She's a Tinker Talent fairy and it shows through in everything that she does. She can't stand to sit still and is constantly working on a new project. She's highly curious, fascinated with new creations as well as Lost Things, even when she really shouldn't be. She's talkative and feisty too. And her temper... oh does she have a temper. Her fuse is short, but typically so is her anger. One massive explosion and a red face and it's over and done with. Things like failed tinker projects are a sure way to get her fired up, but so is unfairness or picking on her friends. Despite that little temper problem, she's quite friendly and open, and reaches out to lend a helping hand... or hammer. Because she loves to fix things. Her quick mind is always looking for a way to improve on how things already are and if something's broke, she's in a hurry to fix it. Heck, she gets antsy if there's nothing broken to fix. She's so full energy that she almost never sits still, flitting around, gesturing with her hands and fidgeting.

Are you tired yet? Tink is nothing if not lively, but there's much more to her than her energy. She enjoys taking a moment to enjoy some chamomille tea (with extra honey and milkweed whip!) with her friends. Although her greatest joy really does come when she's tinkering, a hard won victory for the fairy who once wanted a different talent than her own. She may be rash and impulsive, but when it comes to fixing things, Tink is all business. Heaven help the poor soul who disrupts her work when she's in the zone. Building things is something she takes seriously and when a project doesn't turn out how she thinks it should, or heaven forbid doesn't work!! she has epic, overblown meltdowns over it, ranging from distraught to angry, to self-depreciating to FURIOUS. In fact, all the other fairies know her as a hot head and just brace for the expected meltdown when things take a turn for the worse.

But lest you think she's always angry, such is not the case. Rest assured, she's blunt and direct. At least, unless she's trying to wheedle her way out of trouble or into getting something she wants. Even so, she's friendly and sunny. She might not have a knack for working with animals, but she still thinks Cheese is adorable and even befriends her pet firefly Blaze with almost no difficulty at all. There's a fond understanding that while Tink has a short fuse, she's also got a big heart and the best of intentions. Although if she's got a failing other than her temper, it's that she often shifts blame onto other people. Typically it takes a huge disaster to get Tink to realize the error of her own ways and take ownership of her own failures. (Which is not to be confused with the self-blame that is part of her ranting when a project fails.)

[ Strengths/Weaknesses ] :
Physical - Physically speaking, Tink's got a fair amount of strength for someone so tiny. She can hammer and build with the best of the Tinkers. She can fly too with just a pinch of pixie dust. She's also remarkably agile, being able to navigate quickly in flight, and dexterous especially when building the Autumn Scepter.
Mental - Mentally is one of the places Tinker Bell shines. Her quick mind is always thinking of new ways to make things better and novel things to build. When presented with a broken lost thing washed up on the beach of Pixie Hollow, she examines the pieces and logically fits them back together until it's a working music box again. Her tinkering skills are a notch above the average tinker fairy, earning her both the honor of building the Autumn Scepter and being dubbed "a rare talent indeed."
Emotional - Emotionally Tink is full of life and pretty easy going. (Bad temper aside.) She's warm and caring, and oh so eager for approval. Most of all, she's friendly.

Physical - Physically speaking, she's a fairy. She's tiny and can be easily held captive. Also, she requires pixie dust and dry wings to fly. No dust, no flight. A gust of wind would be like a mini tornado to her and something like a rut of water in the road would be very much like a river. She's also quite prone to clumsiness, easily getting into messes, or creating them (wrecking Spring anyone?).
Mental - Mentally while sharp as a tack, Tink doesn't always think things through before acting. Sure it works great for building and creating new things, but she flies off the handle easily, like kicking objects that shatter a rare moonstone. She lets her curiosity get the best of her time and time again, which tends to get her into bigger and bigger problems.
Emotional - She flies off the handle easily. Very easily. She takes failures very hard, with sulking, pouting or tantrums. When her new delivery boat doesn't work quite as she plans and wrecks, she sits on the ground and has a meltdown that's a combination of sheer fury and self-blame for failure. She's also known for getting revenge, like is implied when she thinks she's caught for the stink bugs.

[ Other Important Facts ] :
It's mentioned elsewhere, but Tink cannot fly without pixie dust. Also, people only hear the tinkling of little bells when fairies talk.

[ Sample ] :
Previous RP Threads: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3

[ Questions? Comments? Concerns? ] : Will it be possible for Tink to get a supply of pixie dust or will she be hoofing it and avoiding foot traffic?
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[Tink's lucky streak at being spared an experiment has come to an end in a rather disastrous way. When she wakes up, she finds herself laying on the wreckage of what used to be her tiny little house she'd built. On it, because she is now human, which is not nearly as exciting as one might think. Her clothes don't fit, her tinker talent is gone, and her house is smashed to bits. Her pretty wings are gone too.

Not a happy camper.

She starts to look around to figure out something she can use to replace her clothes and then realizes she doesn't even know how to start making them anymore, and if she did, she's way too big to use her usual materials like leaves and flowers. UGH!

She reaches for a journal to leave a message, and then goes and hides herself behind a tree until assistance arrives.]

Uh, a little help please?

((ooc: Thanks to her newfound humanity, Tink will be entirely understandable. No tinkling bells for the week!))
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[Apparently people in Luceti are pretty destructive. So far (and for not much longer), Tink's been spared the first experiment here. Instead, she's reveling in having so much stuff to look at and fix. Sure everything's self-repairing, but that's why she's in such a hurry. No point in letting someone else have all the fun, right?

So, if you're out and about, you just might see a tiny flit of a fairy in green zipping by, leaving a thin trail of shimmering dust in her wake. On her to do list is working on the clothing store, although that's a really big project, not to mention way beyond her to finish. But Tink refuses to see it that way. She'll be in other places of the village too, working on leaky roofs, broken doors or whatever else you've got around that needs a little tinkering touch.]
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[Tink's not too nonplussed over the change of clothes and extra wings, but she's really concerned that she's going to be late. Super late. Lucky her, there's a little rodent running by.]

Hey there, little fella. Think you could tell me which way is Tinker's Nook? I don't quite recognize where I am. Too cold to be Springtime Meadows. Huh. Hey no wait! Come back!

Hmm. Didn't recognize that mouse anyway. Wait! I have some cheese! It always works to bring back Cheese. Where is he going? Hey! Did you hear me? Hrmph! Where's Fawn when I need her?

[Time to try a different approach.]

Um, hello? Anybody? It's Tink! Not sure where I am... Fairy Mary is going to be so mad if I'm late. Is this the Mainland? Hello?

[Anyone who happens to be out near the eastern lake will see a tiny little fairy flitting around trying to get her bearings. She's just small enough that anytime she zips into the grass, she'll more or less vanish from sight, but she's a determined little tinker.]


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